Thanks to everyone, I can't tell how good it feels to be back, can't wait to play some more with lol of you guys.

Sign me up! I'll be a suspect, please.
Congratulations, Ragdoll. Can't wait to play a few rounds with you since I'm pretty sure I've never met you in-game.

A big fat thank you to everyone who welcomed me back, you guys are amazing!
I'm looking forward to play with every single one of you.

Name: Luca Age: 19 Country: Italy Steam Custom ID: IAmTheSorrow In-game name: Sorrow Reason why you want to join: I truly missed this community, in the past I left because of school problems. Now I feel like I am able to come back and be active. Something about yourself: Eh, same old stuff. I study ...
Congratulations Anti!! I'm really happy to see you became a part of the "family" wish you the best :)
I'm really sorry I couldn't be able ro join in :( my internet situation is still not resolved :/ see you guys on the next one! :)
Going to be a Suspect :D
I'm 100% in . Count on me :D this is going to be a lot of fun :)
Welcome to ETS Youssef :) never had a chance to play with you, so see you in game :)
Good luck :)

Played a couple of rounds with you, it's a pity the server was a little messy back then. I hope to have chances to play with you in a more "calm" situation :) anyways good luck mate :)
Congratulations mate :) see ya in game :)