As I recall the issues with you were far beyond single rule braking. Anyway you must fill the template then the appeal will be processed.
Hello guys it's been a while since I last entered the site. The last couple of years have been really busy for me. I got promoted at work and I have a lot of responsibilities and a lot of work. Meanwhile I bought a new apartment and renovated it all alone wit my father. And on top of that my GF got ...
Hello guys, Real life comes first everytime... in my case all the time :( Anyway I respect your decisions guys. For me ETS is not only a gaming clan but a friendly community and will continue to exist even if when we shut down the server because you can always have a chat with some friend from the c...
Hello Samuel, good luck with your application :)
Great idea... Maybe think about some privilleges for more active non-clan members ?
Hello and welcome back !
Good luck with your application :)
Well deserved promotion mate after everything you have done to develop the clan :)
As for Strius ... huge respect for stepping back voluntarily.
Congratulations to all of you guys :) Well deserved !
First of all they did not communicate in any way. I asked them a few times if they spoke English but they didn't respond. After round started they started ramboing which forced me to kick them. But they reconnected and started abusing vote for a new map.
I'm no expert but have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game without the Markmod? I previously got the same problem and deleted the mod then started using the Server Browser instead and it was fine. Hope that helps ;)
I won't play on the 7th for sure but I will probably be available for the 14th
I will probably be able to participate in such session ( Insurgency or SWAT ) ;)
Welcome back mate :)
See you ingame ;)
Good luck with your application mate. If you have any questions concerning the tactical procedures or the recruitment process do not be afraid to ask me or any other member for help ;)
A bit late but welcome to ETS :)
See you ingame and if you have any questions about tactical procedures or the recruitment process feel free to ask me or any other member ;)