Hey guys,

Add me

I tossed in a donation. Should be good for a bit. See you guys in the winter!
Hey guys,

Apparently SWAT 4 got back in the news.

http://www.pcgamer.com/swat-4-holds-up- ... ytelling/

Hopefully we get an influx of new players!
Ha, Pickton Farm is from my neck of the woods!
Are we going to start playing this mod if it's Co-op?
Another bullet dodged by the Canadian!
Cool, sent in $100 euro's
Where is our donate link?
Hey guys, I'll throw some kitty in the pot in a couple weeks. What's Muppets old ban hammer going for these days?
I agree with Struis and Hunter. We're already the number one location for sexy Swat 4 clans. Let's keep it classy.
"If you are going to play on the PRO server and you are not on TeamSpeak, no matter if no one will talk or use it in-game, you'll be kicked from the server and doesn't matter if you are a member of the clan.."

So if I'm at work and cant use team speak I'll get kicked?
If he doesn't want to take this seriously, leave the ban in place.
Hey guys,

Can we ever do one of these during the week?
I think a ban is in order for these offences. He can appeal if he chooses after his month. It should give him time to think about what he's done.