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Posted by: Hunter » Sat Sep 23, 2017 8:20 pm Forum: Announcements

Dear readers,
I am bringing you some news that have had some huge impact on how ETS will go further from now on.

It is no secret anymore that I decided to resign from the position of Clan Leader in this clan a couple of days ago. By this post, I am making it official to public as well. My reasons for resignation are not only real-life related. For some great time now, SWAT 4 was dying. Although we overcame some of the toughest parts coming with it, we have not managed to keep the prestige level of ETS clan we were keeping for years (a SWAT 4 based thought). This is something I could hardly put up with; and I was not able to change it in any way - be that because of my real-life stuff or the lack of my ability to reinstate it. Our clan has grown in something bigger than what SWAT 4 meant to us. That may be why we ended playing it. Major part of our common interest and passion left us and what we have now is our common friendship. However, that is not something I want to be a leader of; but rather be a part of.

Our SWAT 4 servers and website will keep running for half a year from now or so and then it will be decided what comes next. There are some thoughts about 'Ready or Not' game. It is not finished yet though. This brings up the question who is going to take this decision when the time comes. This is something we were discussing internally lately. Since there are still members who want to give it a try, ETS needs new leader.
With no doubts, one name was chosen - JoLTy. The way I see it, JoLTy was always significant part of ETS. There is no better candidate for my post than him. He has now been given very difficult task. I wish him the best luck. To me, JoLTy was good friend with interesting and valuable options that drove us through many important decisions.

This clan was part of my life. Those people in it and people around were my long term connections. I am still a little bit concerned about what I am doing right now. I definitely need to force myself a little bit into this and I am partly happy it is successful, becuase I just could not see any other outcome of this than our clan dying slowly. 'Till the end', it is not something I want to sympathise with; as I'd rather leave possibly at my best. I would like you to remember me as a person who felt to be a part of you more than most; not like a leader who were sinking along with the rest.

This is my very last salute to Elite Tactical Squad, whether it is its rise-again or funeral.

I will never forget

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