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View the latest post Just one more thing...

1, 2

As you all have read in Jolty's post, there has been quite a few rank changes been made today. Some of them concern high ranks and also good old members who have been with us from almost the start. And that start was more than 6 years ago. While it's sad to see some of these members go, like Muppet and Reyb, it is great to see that we have so many other good members who can fill in the gaps. I'd like to congratulate all those who have been promoted. These promotions have not been given but earned by your dedication to our clan.

Now you might wonder why I don't just put my congratulations to them in a simple reply to Jolty's post. Well, that's just because there is one more promotion still left to be announced...

After more than 4 years of being the leader of ETS the time has finally come for me to step down. While I've really loved and enjoyed being the head of ETS, I have been struggling to find the time and motivation to fulfill my role actively, especially during the last year. While i'm really happy to see that our clan has been stable for such a long time now, I do feel it needs and deserves a more active leader. And I think there is one person in our clan who can and basicly already has fulfilled that role for some time now...

So without any further delay: I'm hereby promoting Hunter to be the new Commanding Officer of ETS. Congratulations
|ETS|CO_Hunter! I have no doubt that you will do great. You have already done so much for our clan that I'm sure you will take it to even greater heights. I can't think of anyone who is more dedicated to ETS than you are so I am fully confident that you will do an amazing job!

As for myself, I'm still thinking about my future position. I'm not leaving ETS right now, but I don't want to slide all the way down the ranks either. There's no rush for me to make any big decision about that right now though. For now I will remain on as Clan Manager and will keep taking care of the financial side of our clan. So Hunter and I will basicly swap ranks.

Last but not least: I'd like to thank everyone here for all their support during my time as CO. I really think it's amazing to see we have such a succesful international diverse group of people here and it has been an honor to have been in charge.

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View the latest post Big changes in ETS!

1, 2

A new year has begun and we have a lot of work in front of us, thinking back at the previous summer we have had tons or new recruits and crowded servers, with that in the back of our heads we strongly need some rank changes in the clan.,

I'm honored to announce some huge changes in our clan that hopefully will bring some new perspective into the family.
Let me start of with some less positive news, it is time to say goodbye to some of our members who has either been missing in action or lost interests in the clan. Those names are
Ragdoll--Ranger--DT--Detective--Reyb--Muppet. all of them are more than welcome to re apply anytime if so be :)

Lessluck or Nissan which i like better! is leaving for a year to join the army, so he agreed to step down as a captain and will be taking the rank of lieutenant, giving more active members a chance to shine.
Sokol has been demoted to the rank of Cpt, this is due to his lack of motivation to stick with swat, this new rank will hopefully put a little less weight on his shoulders.
Justicar has not been putting much effort into the forum or swat server to keep his rank as lieutenant and will be demoted to Sgt.
Toxicdoom will be demoted to CPL due to the same reasons as Justicar, activity would earn you this rank back since we already know how awesome you are :D.

Now to some good stuff! The thing we have been waiting for, The promotions.
Lets start from the CPL ranks.
Marksman has been with us for a while now without any kind of misbehavior, been a good guy to the very end, we have complete faith in his abilities of administrating the server as a Sergeant.
Revolution is well known as a guy who brings a good friendly attitude with him where ever he goes, we think its time for him to get a well deserved promotion to Sergeant.
Taskforce good old taskforce! :P proven to us all what a great guy he is, we need people like you around to make the gameplay so much more fun. congrats on the promotion to Sergeant buddy.
SilentHunter Friendliest Sgt of all time? as well as strong motivation and professionalism. congrats on LT promotion young one!
Espada has been a role model to many new members and regular players, with his professionalism. I remember him being in almost every VIP session we have had and is generally very supportive in all he does, with this new rank he will be able to be there with us as a ghost on his phone, browser anywhere he is in the world, watching us trough webadmin! Well deserved Lieutenant promotion buddy.
With Lessluck stepping down as a captain we have a perfect replacement in mind, this guy has been with us for a long time, being the first person earning the Honorary member rank, it will be great having you as a fellow server admin Xyzzy, congrats to your new Captains rank. :P

I never taught we would accept someone who so easily left the European union as a captain, yet he has stuck with us working his hands to the bone to help ETS grow we could really use your sharpness in the major clan decisions we have ahead of us, congrats to your new Captains rank Accuser.

And to the last promotion will be me getting the rank of major, i'm basically swapping with sokol, i will try my best to fill his shoes even tho they look extremely heavy at times!

Congratulations to all well deserved promotions today people! Passwords and new rank updates might take a day or two for us to set up due to this being a lot of members involved.

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